I follow the Way of the Gods, of the Earth, of the Waters... I am a Liminal Being, an Alchemist of Realities, a Weaver of the Sacred...

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About Ness


A natural born medium and healer, always searching for knowledge. She studied Wicca, Tarot and ancient traditions during her Teen years. Before her 20's she moved to Kent, UK, where she worked and continued her personal research in the Occult and Witchcraft. She left the UK definitely few years later. Back in Spain she studied and also attended workshops and practices of Reiki, Magnified Healing, on Bioenergy, Biodance, Bach Flowers Remedies, Family Constelations, The Metamorphic Technique and many more.


Her stronger call back in those years was the Shamanism and she followed, studying different shamanic ways to heal the soul and walked the Traditional Red Road for several years. During her search for traditional approaches of shamanism, she participated in ceremonies of various traditions such as Amazonic, Lakota, Blackfeet and Celtic in different countries including France, UK, Spain and Ireland. She is a Sundancer and a Sacred Pipe Carrier. She is also a keeper of a Buffalo Horn.


She was one of the few western people to be able to study with the venerable Tenzin Losel Amnra who was the only person teaching Tibetan Shamanic Extractions in this part of the world until he sudden retired due to illness. 


Founder and Mentor of the Clan of the Bones Whisperer (La Huesera): Shamanic Mysteries of the Feminine © and the Clan of the Sons of Thunder: Shamanic Mysteries of the Masculine ©. Founder and Mentor of the Path of the Moon: Shamanic Healing Techniques. Founder of her own Shamanic Medicine School she has developed the Technique of Shamanic Records to heal Past Lives and The Shamanic Rainbow Reiki System as well as her own and unique Ancestral Healing and ways to Surf and Expand the work in the Shamanic Worlds.


Rev. Ness Bosch is a Sea Priestess, founder of the Water Temple and the Covenant of Waters from which she guides people into the Water Mysteries and the Sea Priesthood. She is also a Priestess of Hathor and Sekhmet within the FOI and runs The House of Love and Thunder: Iseum of the Power of the Heart and co-runs The Temple of Hathor. She has launched The Priesthood of Hathor ® a training for those who feel the call to the Goddess. Ness is also Archdruidess, member of the Clan of Dana  in the FOI and runs the Grove of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake in Granada.


Ness writes from an early age, having won several literary awards. She has collaborated as a columnist for the Ser Pagano Magazine and an English-Speaking newspaper in Granada, The Seaside Gazette. She is also Editor of her own Magazine for the Covenant of the Waters, AQVAE. She also edited the First Devotional Guide of the Goddess Hekate in Spanish from her Temple of Hekate Thethys Krataiis and participated in several pagan projects, including a Devotional Anthology for Goddess Hathor: The Lady of the Sycamore to be published by Bibliotheca Alexandria.


She is working on writing a couple of books, one of them Shamanism and an oracle about the Path of the Waters that she hopes to publish when time allows.


She has Organized 2 major International Online Congresses: The International Congress of Witchcraft and Magic and the FOI Symposium. 


In 2011 she fought a Large Tumor, winning that Battle and developed greater insight from the experience. 


She travels sharing her Medicine as well as continuing with her Online trainings. She is also the Proud mum of 2 kids.